Fallen Flags

Over the years, this Society has been blessed with so many dedicated members. In recent years, the Society has lost some of it's valued members who have given so much

Members who have passed away

David H. (Dave) Trempe

1946 - 1998

Dave was an avid rail fan and fond of coal hauling activities, particularly around our local power plant. In his memory, a replica of that power plant was constructed on the original layout and named after him.

Lin Pool

Elinor A. (Lin) Pool 

1943 - 2001

Lin was also fond of traveling by rail and enjoyed sharing her husbands hobby. She helped out at fund raising activities and was instrumental in obtaining tax exempt status for our property.

Al Wagner

Alden A. (Al) Wagner

1943 -  2001

Al was a modeler who enjoyed intricate detail. His circus modules, recently revitalized featuring over 500 figures get set up at every show we attend. His carpentry skills came into play when we started construction on our original layout and insured that it was built to last.

Derek Piaskowski

Derek M. Piaskowski

1985 - 2002

Derek followed his father into model railroading and enjoyed it very much. Trains fascinated him when he was very young. Sadly, his father left us in 2014.


Jerry A. (The Bear) Lampe

1943 -  2004

The "Bear" He was always there when we needed him. His jaded humor was much enjoyed and envied. His electrical skills came into play when he rewired the building shortly after we purchased it. His many contributions over the years are too numerous to mention, but very much appreciated. He loved rail fanning and was able to visit George Selios' Franklin & South Manchester shortly before he died.



Joseph L. Windmiller

1932 - 2007

Joe was an avid rail fan, particularly of the Santa Fe railroad, since it operated near where he lived in California for many years. He was often teased about one trip to the Tehachapi Loop where he forgot there was no film in his camera. After retirement he moved to Wisconsin and was instrumental in our early years at the Railroad Museum. He worked on a number of the initial projects building our permanent layout.

Terry Piaskowski

Terry R. Piaskowski

1951 -  2014

Terry was one of our founding members who wrote our Constitution and By Laws. He did extensive research to establish the Society as a non-profit corporation. His modeling skills were much admired, along with his willingness to try almost anything.



Jerry Thompson

1953 - 2016

Jerry was one of our board members who was the railroad coordinator for the City of Plymouth. He was instrumental in spearheading the effort to restore the long unused line betyween Plymouth and Kohler, and brought the Santa Train to Plymouth two years in a row.

Carter S Pawlus

1929 -  2018

Carter was a long time member and past President who guided us through some of our earlier years. He was instrumental in helping us acquire our current building. His wisdom and sense of humor was appreciated. The main display room was dedicated to him. As he said many times, he is "Welcome to train heaven". He is greatly missed.

Allen Myer

1938 -  2019

Al Myer was a founding member of our organization and a prize winning detailer who's work had been exhibited around the state and beyond. Two of his exeptionally detailed buildings are on disaplay at the Sheboygan Railroad Museum. Al Myer was recognized as a Master Model Railroader by the NMRA.

Dan Lindow

1961 - 2020

Dan was a significant contributor to the details on both our original layout as well as the current DCC layout. His attention to special scenes, along with his imagination was admired.

Gone, but never forgotten

Updated September 4, 2020