Wagner Ore Mine

The Wagner Ore Mine was originally built by the late Al Wagner for his home layout. It was a kitbash of a Cornerstone kit, custom weathered and lit. He had a large collection of ore cars (over 100) that was donated to the society on his untimely death. The mine was installed on Sacred Mountain and then named after him. His contributions to the Society are much too numerous to mention, but greatly appreciated.

Winter 2002. Sacred Mountain looking South. A B&O Mikado leads a mixed freight out of one of the tunnels. Above it is the Wagner Ore Mine.


The Wagner Ore Mine, with the capacity to handle many carloads each day, sits halfway up the mountain. A dedicated branch line winds its way up through the mountain region for many miles until it reaches this level.


In one of his earlier efforts, Al built this beautiful circus display spanning 4 modules for our portable layout. It features more than 300 hand painted figures, a 3 ring Big Top, a side show, a parade down Main Street USA, all the wagons and other equipment, and a complete circus train. This always gets setup whenever we travel with the portable layout and is a fan favorite.


Alden A. (Al) Wagner

1943 -  2001

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