This large peninsula had been left bare for more than ten years for several reasons. One, it was a huge area to develop, more than 80 square feet.. Two, there were conflicting opinions on its use. Carterhill Coal occupied about a third of it, served by a spur off of one of the main lines. It was on the opposite side of the wall from Trempe Power & Light. Tracks ran through the wall between the two facilities to allow us to have empties in-fulls out operation. It made sense to do it this way. Another portion was occupied by Allenton, a bustling community highlighted by a Tool & Die Works. Still another portion, served off another spur, was occupied by Acme Manufacturing, on a lift-out section. Other modular lift-out sections occupied that space, so it kept changing. This area was meant to represent a blue-collar area in West Virginia.


The activity at Carterhill Coal is ongoing 24 hours a day, as the demand for this rich fuel is growing. Many workers are taking 12 hour shifts to keep up with the demand.


A B&O passenger train passes under an old wooden truss bridge near Allenton. That bridge was once part of the main line through town, but has since been abandoned.


Allenton Tool & Die Works sits on a hillside overlooking the business district. Not much is going on there these days.


The busy business district of Allenton. This area had undergone a revival in recent years to beautify the downtown. In the distance was once the home of Jake Imontrack, the founder of the railroad. It is now a museum.


A country home near Allenton is adding a garage. They just moved in and already they are hit with road repairs.

A roadside farmers market, across from the busy Busted Knuckle gas station.

Some of the additional features, such as a gas station with a working lift, using a Tortoise machine and model airplane linkage are details that were continually added.

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